Frican American History(Booker T. Washingtons public pronouncements)

(1) Some scholars arugeu that Booker T. Washingtons public pronouncements on the issues of African Americans political and civil rights in his Atlanta Exposition Addressin 1895 soothed the consciences of the justices of the Supreme Court of the U.S that legitimized Jim Crow laws in the Plessy v.s Ferguson case in 1896 in order to pursue his economic strategy for black empowerment.

Is the above statment is true? is it false? is it somewhat true? Explain your answer using materials from lecture. You may also feel free to use outside sources, including the internet buttress your argument-not opinion

(2) Drawing the Martin Luther Kings selections in Payne and Lawson and the handout, examine and analyze how and why King drew on the essential insights of coloblind universalism and libertarian conservatism.

YOu can chooose one from (1)or (2)
you can use some sources however, I want to be more professional I dont want you to just sayAccroding to the artice, journal.
I want you to express more logical, and comes from ur thinking with master level vocabs, thinkings.