Frican American Religious History: Liberation Theology Essay

Please watch the PBS documentary Women, War, and Peace: Pray the Devils back to hell. I suggest you use all the information on the website to help with this assignment.

The assignment is to watch this program (in its entirety) about the struggles of Liberian women during wartime and write an essay about how you see liberation theology at work in this real life situation. Your essay should address at least the following items:

1. Identify the issues of their situations: (some additional research will help here)
2. Identify the religious elements present.
3. Discuss how the women understand and use their religious faiths in their situation.
4. What is the outcome? Have you discovered and follow up information?
5. Integration with course material (As will be attached)

Although this assignment will be strengthened by a basic understanding of the political and historical background of Liberia, I am primarily interested in the integration of faith in this assignment so be sure that you are thoroughly addressing that in context with what you are learning about liberation theology.