Frican american women underrepresantation in higher education

I am discussing how policies soemhow stagnate african american women to achieve executive level positions in higher education. I want to discuss the gap in literature and relate it to why this literature review is warranted. No newspaper articles can be used, only peer reviewed journals and articles, books. I would like studies to be included to link why policies are needed to be investigated. First hand studies, not something someone else was talking about but the first source(hope that makes since)..This is a qualitative study, specifically a case study that I am going to focus(research) in Georgia because of the past it has had with black people, I want to interview african american women at historically black colleges and universitites. This is a little of background, if I can use this, if their is not a gap in what I am discussing, I am open to finding the gap in the literature about african american women in higher education. Thanks!