Frican culture surviving through slavery in the caribbean and the United States

Research Question: Why is African culture more prominent in the Caribbean vs. the US?

I dont have a solid thesis but I would like it to be something like: Due to these factors… African culture is a far more dominate culture in the Caribbean than in the United States.

I wanted to begin with the history of the Atlantic slave trade, and discuss the numbers of slaves imported into the Caribbean vs the amount imported into America and how that was a large influence on why that created a more the dominate African culture in the Caribbean. The amount of Africans and whites in the Caribbean and the small space they inhabited lead to African culture to be more dominate than in America where there were many more Europeans. Also the environment of the Caribbean was more closely related to African terrain vs the US.

I want the paper to include various ways in which African culture was passed down and survived generations through things such as storytelling (folktales such as the flying African, crick! Crack!, anasi the spider, brer rabbit ), songs, hyms and music. religion. I want this paper to focus on the survival of African culture through the harsh process of slavery.

It is also very important to highlight all of the laws enforced during the time of slavery period in both countries. In the US the laws against slaves were much harsher (not allowing practice of outside religion other than Christianity, etc.) where as the laws in the Caribbean were, still strict, but more lenient in letting people practice traditional African practices (natural medicine, religion hoodoo, music).

It is important to mention that the US is considered a melting pot and the amount of other cultures that have migrated to the US have had heavy influence on its culture taking away from the influence of the African culture. Also the negativity placed on African culture and African Americans in general have been worse in America than many other places and have had to fight to keep their culture alive and positive.

The paper should have a strong conclusion, reinforcing the ways in which African culture survived and thrived more dominantly in the Caribbean during and after slavery.

Professor Requirements:
at least 8 sources, 2 of which are primary!!

The historical development or phenomenon to be examined critically is stated clearly and described comprehensively, delivering all relevant information necessary for full understanding and with evidence of all relevant contextual factors; identifies a clear focus within the topic, a clear research question.

Central thesis is compelling (precisely stated, appropriately repeated, memorable, and strongly supported.)

Specific position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis) is imaginative, taking into account the complexities of the issue, and all historiographical positions.
Limits of position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis) are acknowledged.
Others points of view are synthesized within position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis), and are sensitive to contextual factors as well as all of the following: ethical, logical, and cultural dimensions of the problem.

Information is taken from reliable/valid/verifiable source(s) with enough interpretation/evaluation to develop a comprehensive analysis or synthesis.
Viewpoints of experts are questioned and evaluated thoroughly. Considers/Addresses/Integrates alternate, divergent, or contradictory perspectives or ideas fully. (Please note that Google and Wikipedia are not reliable, verifiable, academic sources).