Frican Diaspora in sports.. Sport of Golf

The class I am taking is African Diaspora in sports and my topic is how golf is predominantly a white sport and why that is.. I want to mainly focus on Tiger Woods and what impact he had on the sport… I have sever main topics I would like to be focused on the essay but they are not in chronological order.. I would like to focus on why golf has not become more of a Blacksport and how Tiger is different from the typical Blackathlete… I would like to focus on what makes Tiger so appealing to the public and what the Tiger effectimpact has on golf (if he is playing, everyone is watching type of thing)… I would like to focus on what impact he had during his pre scandal and post scandal in 2008…. I would like to focus on the comparison between Tiger Woods vs. Michael Jordan and how the public perceives both of these athletes… I would like to incorporate the impact of growing up in Orange County, CA vs. growing up in Compton, Ca… Also I would like to add what the stereotypical Blackathlete is and how Tiger is different from that…. Also does Tiger feel the pressure to diversify golf? And lastly a small comparison between Tiger Woods and Rory McClory (how each of these athletes grew to live up to their expectations and how they are completely different today). That basically should sum up what ideas I would like to focus on… If you have anything else in mind please feel free to incorporate them as well.. Thank you!