Frican History (VEry important-URgent) sundiata an epic of old mali

This is based on sundiata an epic of old malithe book.

Mande people consider the Sundiata epic to be the most important story in their history  even today, Mande people find the story of Sundiata to be relevant to their daily lives because of the lessons it teaches about society. The two possible essay questions explore issues that present-day Mande people still find important topics of discussion.

Answer one of the following questions:

1.Compare and contrast the roles played by Sundiata s mother, co-mother, and sisters in Sundiata s destiny. What does the epic tell us about Mande cultural views of women and family?

2.In the epic of Sunjata, who has power, and how do they acquire and maintain it? In what way does the epic offer its audience a lesson on how leaders and ordinary people should use their power and behave in Mande society?

Your essay must have a clear thesis and be supported by evidence from your reading of Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali by D.T. Niane. You can also use the textbook and lecture notes to support your argument. All of these sources must be appropriately cited. Direct quotes and paraphrased sentences should be cited in a parenthetical form, listing the author and page number at the end of a sentence. For example: (Niane, 57).

Late papers will be penalized by 1/3 letter grade per day that they are late.

Some things to think about when writing the essay:
Think about the different kinds of power people can have (political, religious, economic, etc.), the different spheres within which one can have power (nationally, internationally, within the family, at work, etc.), and the sources of that power (physical strength, intelligence, wealth, etc.)  what kinds of power are most important for Sunjata? How about for Soumaoro Kante, Balla Fasseke, Nana Triban and others?

Consider the different characters in the story, and how they use different skills to achieve their goals. What are Sunjata s goals?

Consider the narrator, Djeli Mamadou Kouyate, and his comments on the role of the griot.

Remember that this is an epic that records the foundation of an important state  how do the choices people in the story make and the actions they take help to establish the foundations of a strong state?

Pay attention to all of the women, including the witches and other minor characters& what can they tell us about Mande views of behavior?

What motivates Sogolon? What motivates Sassouma? How are they alike or different?