Frican HistoryRailway Strike in West French Africa

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Having carefully read Ousmane Sembeneas novel Godas Bits of Wood and Frederick Cooperas article a?aOur Strikeaa? (see reference below) write a well-organized, 5-6 page paper comparing, contrasting and analyzing these two accounts of the 1947-48 railway strike in colonial French West Africa. How do these accounts (one by a West African novelist published in 1960, the other by a North American historian of Africa published in 1996) intersect and diverge? Which dimensions of the strike are highlighted or played down in each account and what do you think are the implications of each interpretation with regard to our views on issues such as nationalism, labour movements and/or the struggle for independence in Africa? Throughout your essay, be sure to make references to examples from the texts to support your points.

Basically, you need to compare and contrast the two readings, and then add in a little part on how it led to post colonialism or nationalism. It is explained in the notes above.
-From what I have gotten from these readings is that the book is more about how women had a role in the strike. And in the Article, since it is an american author, it is more from a political viewpoint and viewing the powers of europe as well.

Papers should be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point, Times New Roman font, with margins no larger than 1.25 inches. No title page, bibliography or footnotes are required; instead, use parenthetical citations to page numbers in the text when making specific references.


Frederick Cooper, a?aOur Strikea: Equality, Anti-colonial Politics, and the 1947-48 Railway Strike in French West Africa,a? Journal of African History, Vol. 37, no. 1 (1996), pp. 81-118.

And the novel Gods Bits of Wood (can access the book here)