Frican or American, comparing the Gullah People to Traditional African American Slaves

Title of Paper: African or American
Font: Times New Roman 12 pt.
For my paper, I wanted to look into the times of slavery and how being taken from their homelands in to a foreign country affected their cultures in the todayas present. As an African American male I find it intriguing to look at what we considered to be African American culture. This can go from our creole of English (which some people has labeled as the term a?Ebonicsa) to our long history of African influenced music. However in todayas society in America, African Americans have lost that history of our African Heritage through slavery, and through slavery have lost a sense of self. One of the main reasons that our native culture has been lost is because there is more than one culture in the African American culture. The times of the African slave trade America imported slaves from countries all over the continent, specifically the countries on the western coastline. They took people of over one hundred different tribes and put them all together to work in fields of a Caucasian male who was of a completely different culture and linguistic background. Not only that slaves being from plucked from so many different countries had been put to work with people of a completely different background. In todays society we say African Americans to label the unlabeled, because as a people we canat trace back our heritage to our native country. This has to do with the aftermath of slavery, African Americans were put in a situation where they had no choice to but to be reengineered to think what there oppressor taught and to fear the search of an explanation. With this being said there are situations of people being taken from their native lands and not losing their ancestors cultures nor their sense of self and where they derive from. The Gullah people represent this situation perfectly. These people were descendants of slaves who were brought to work on the rice plantations were on the coastal islands of South Carolina and Georgia. While brought over to serve as slaves their experience of slavery was quite the opposite of what we have learned to know as the a?typicala? slave experience. The Gullah people had a lot less contact with Caucasian people. As a result, they were able to hold on to their cultural values and their linguistic heritage till this day. I want to compare both of these situations and look at how the extraction of both groups of people by the same dominant and the amount of interaction with each group has had an affect on their modern day language.