Frican Studies ( a?Role-Playinga? Assignment )

Instructions for a?Role-Playinga? Assignmenta¦Africaa¦
Thus far most of the course has looked at Africa at the a?macroa? levela¦at the regional level or nation-state level. This assignment is to help you gain insight into the a?microa? or individual level. You will research any individual a?typea? in sub-Saharan Africaa¦you might choose to be a small business owner in Nigeria, a small cotton grower in Angola, an AIDS patient in South Africa or a Somalia piratea¦and so forth. Do not choose a a?specifica? real individual but rather create a a?typea? or a compositea¦And it should be currenta¦not a character from the past.

1.You should use 4 sources for this assignment. You may use newspaper articles or weekly magazines such as Newsweek or Time (NOT Wikipedia or any encyclopedia) for two sourcesa¦however, two source must be books or journal articles (a?Foreign Affairsa?, a?Current Historya? and so forth). Articles or books should have a publication date of 2005-current. You may NOT use course readings.

2.The written portion of this assignment should be one typed pagea¦less is not acceptablea¦a little more (a few sentences) is acceptable but edit yourself for content and claritya¦and a bibliography (a second page).

3.You will then present/introduce yourself to the class in a 15 minute presentation. Discuss the information you place in the written portion of your assignment. The use of audio/visual material is fine, written handouts or maps will also enhance your presentation.

4.You must have a name, you should explain which African nation you are from, how you make a living, your family and what sort of government you are living undera¦in other words, write a short biography of the person you inventa¦ be creative BUT you must back-up the points you make with the sources you find a¦give the source in the paragraphs you writea¦for example: If you are a cell phone sales person in South Africa you might write thisa¦a? Cell phones are so important now in Africa. I can make a good living taking phones into small villages where the people do not have running water or electricity but want cell phones. I live in Johannesburg and sold my first phone in 2005 to a woman in Yanguye a village 250 miles away. Getting fresh water takes her four hours a day from the local rivera¦but now she owns a cell phone. This is happening all over Africa and I am able to provide for my wife and two children selling these phones now. a? (New York Times August 25, 2005)a¦You should use all four of your sources in your paper to explain what life is like for the person you createa¦