Fter read Chapter 10of Major Problems in Asian American Historyedited by Lon Kurashige and Alice Yang Murray, write 5 full page long essay

** Please read attached file first which is instruction paper for this assignment.

Book Title: Major Problems in Asian American History
Edited by Lon Kurashige and Alice Yang Murray

**I selected Chapter 10(Asian Americans and the Cold War, 1945-1965) Pg 319-356 for this paper.

After selecting a chapter of this book (Chapter 10), write a paper analyzing and interpreting its main theme, and include in depth analysis of two primary sources. The first primary source must come from the chapter selected. The second primary source could also come from the chapter selected, or it could be another primary source reading in the course, or it could be a life history interview conducted by the student.
We are looking for your original argument and interpretation of these two primary sources

**I want both of two primary sources that come from the chapter selected (Chapter 10)

This paper should be Five Full Pages to Six Pages in length.

**Please put the citation and foot notes carefully. (in the text)