Fter suicides, scrutiny of Chinaas grim factories

After suicides, scrutiny of Chinaas grim factories

Create and submit for evaluation on or before April 4th, a paper version of a double-spaced report of 12pt text comprising at least five pages, including abstract, main theme and conclusions, which responds to the above sentence. In addition, create a sixth page; the cover-page. Append a seventh page that presents a list citing the sources that were used to develop the report.

Upon reading the New York Times article by David Barboza, entitled a?After suicides, scrutiny of Chinaas grim factoriesa? that was published Monday June 7 2010, reflect upon the text. Apple, Dell, and Hewlett Packard purchase parts from Foxxconn Technology, because the company manufactures high-quality cost-effective parts. If you served as a consultant to these suppliers of premier electronic products, how would you advise them to respond to this current situation in this Chinese factory? Provide supportive rational for your advice.

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