Fter the Baby Boomers The Next Generation of Leadership at Yahoo! Inc.

This paper will delve heavily into an organizational leadership issue or problem. The basis of this assignment is to choose a problem found in an organization and recommend a solution.

As we move into the next generation of leadership, Yahoo! Inc. facing a shift in leadership. With Baby Boomers holding C-suit roles, within the next 15 years they will be retiring. That leads to the problem of organization being future ready. With the change in generations, from Baby Boomers to generation X, there are major concerns with what will motivate, retain and help to promote the new and upcoming talent. Many theories have been researched as this matter becomes more pressing and at the forefront of the organization. This paper is dedicated to looking at what Generation X will be bringing to the table of leadership in this organization, what changes will need to be made and if the company are truly ready for this up and coming change in the leadership world. This will be addressed as to how the organization is future proofing their leadership by starting now to address the changes. Generation X will bring about the feminization of leaders, which would point straight to Yahoos new CEO Marissa Mayer, a first step to the new generation.

Within the paper, include (a) an introduction; (b) a brief discussion of the organization and the problem the Yahoo! Inc. organization is trying to solve; (c) an analysis of a decision-making model that would best solve the problem; (d) in outline format, develop a timeline to solve the problem; (e) develop a logical solution to the problem by incorporating the decision-making model to your conclusion; (f) a conclusion; (g) a reference list.

Provide five (5) citations and references in APA format that relates directly to a well researched decision-making model (peer-reviewed journel articles preferred).