Fter the stroke:patients and carers experiences of healthcare after stroke in Scotland

Introduction: (Add 116 words to my brief accountwill include in attachment).
Include a definition of evidence based practice.
Demonstrate the development of EBP associated skills that will be of use in

PICO and the search for evidence (1000 words):
Discuss the use of PICO as a tool for locating high quality evidence capable of
supporting practice
Include the PICO question in the first order you did for me (refer to
attachments) as well as any other information you need
Summarize some potential flaws in evidence in general, demonstrating in the
process of the hierarchy of evidence and how this is underpinned by a reduction
in bios.

Practice Guidelines and supporting evidence (800 words):
Briefly justify why care home practices is relevant for a residential care worker
(refer to attachments for more info)
Discuss the process of guideline development, including anyone who might be
involved in the building of the guidelines
Contrast 2 different recommendations within the guideline, showing how the
strength of evidence used to underpin them impacted on the grading of the
recommendations themselves.

Manipulating the evidence (900 words):
Critically discuss the statement highlighting the challenges facing producers and
consumers of evidence.

The EBP toolbox (300 words):
Summarize using your own EBP resources that you have found independently,
indicating how these might assist in a care home practice and its future

Conclusion/Opportunities (300 words):
Discuss how the use of the EBP skills mentioned in this whole essay translate
into opportunities for change in a care home practice
Include challenges inherent in this process

Referencing Requirements:
Books, journals and articles that links to essay,After stroke:patients and carers of healthcare after stroke in Scotland. Please find attached recommended reading lists.