Fter watch the movie City of God”(Meirelles, 2002) analyize this movie and do research about this movie.

you will write a term paper for this class. You will need to turn in: 1)a brief paragraph describing your topic; 2)a description of your research plan; and, 3)a working thesis statement and a brief outline of your paper prior to the paper due dates, as outlined in the schedule. Papers must be typed and double-spaced, with standard one-inch margins and 12-point font. Sample paper topics will be discussed well in advance of the papers due date. papers will not be accepted via email.
Papers are evaluated in terms of their responsiveness to the assignment and to the material presented in class and in the readings, the logical coherence of their arguments, their quality of organization, their rhetorical sophistication, as well as their adherence to grammatical conventions. All papers should reference specific sources and be presented in MLS or Chicago Style format. Outside research is highly recommended; you can access numerous books and articles on film in the Luria Library.

I need to get this work until tomorrow 2:00pm because I need to turn it in until 3:00pm tomorrow.