Full insrtuctions given in order instructions

look up to pdf file that i attached,all instructions given there,basicly you need to invent from your self some company that will financially give a help Susan(a name) ,The essay is about promoting Susan, a student, that will pursue a degree in business management in Queen Mary University.to a company that will take her in and help her financially.The company can be invented, you can use any name for the Sponsor.The funding group will help Susan financially thyoughout her Undergraduate Degree Programme and an additional year in Masters degree.You must include in different paragraphs the four years of education. Therefore, for each year you must talk about the modules that has been chosen.Do not forget to mention the amounts of cash required for each year which includes: accomodation, tuition fees, and extra money for living.An expected monthly cash flow statement showing the likely flows of cash required should be included. All cash should be shown in Pounds Sterling.The essay should also include a GANTT chart showing the proposed pattern of study. The number of tasks (that is units of study) should be less than twenty for the diagrams.