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Essay titleIn 1998, Daniel and Ivatts (cited in Lloyd, 2008, p.479) stated that no other aspects of post-1945 UK welfare state has failed children so badly as its policy on early years education and care. Examine the progress made by New Labour government in addressing this area of policy neglect.

Essay requirements-
Demonstrate detailed Understanding of early years Policy and of policy drivers.
Identify, and critically discuss, relevant early years policy initiatives (e.g. National Childcare Strategy, Every Child Matters, Ten Year Childcare Strategy, Childcare Act, Early Years Foundation Stage, More Great Childcare) and relevant policy drivers (e.g. child poverty, social exclusion, raising standards in education, safeguarding/protecting children, reducing the national deficit).

Reflect on various influences on early years policy development
Discuss relevant influences (e.g. social, cultural, political, research, government agencies, professional organizations, academics, media, and children) on early years policy development.

Critically reflect on the impact of early years policy on children, parents and the early years workforce.
Examine the impact of early years policy on various stakeholders e.g. the requirement for multiprofessional working in i??joined upi?? childreni??s services; access to childcare provision; the effect of early years policy initiatives on childminders; the effect of formal learning processes on young children. Refer to relevant studies and government reviews (e.g. Tickelli??s review of the EYFS).
Implement strategies to analyse and evaluate early years policy.
For example: make historical comparisons; identify issues relating to commitment, insufficiency, resources and diversity (see week 1 lecture); draw upon insights from policy research; use the UNCRC to analyse policy; use international evidence (such as Reggio Emilia and/or Sweden).
Interpret and analyse information from a variety of sources.
Provide evidence of wide reading and use this to support discussion in your assignment.
Plan and engage in a coherent discussion.
Provide a clear, logical, structure to your work. Make sure that sentences within a paragraph link together and that paragraphs link together.

I have included the module guide and specification along with documents that are needed to be included. details and the books listed in this will need to be used along with others, a mixture of newspaper articles journals and any literature relevant.correct up to date date literature is essential. I have also attached relevant sources that can be used to reference along with my weekly lecture notes for guidance of what is needed giving you a picture of what is expected.