Future of religion on earth is,and why etc…

1,explain what you think the future of religion on earth is, and why. where will we be a hundred years from now, religiously? give some kind of example or reference to help support your view . you may focus on particular aspect if you like. one page and half , double spaced.

2.pick any topic we studied/ talked about /read about/watched video on .and expand your knowledge of it, or explore some aspect of it. tell me what you learned. if you cant remember anything , pick a topic you wish we had studied and write about it .
one page and half ,double spaced.

3page of total . you may write more than two if you wish.

hello,its mii. actually this is my final exam of religion class, and i am international student from japan. so please do not mention like a i am christian or something. i tell my professer before i dont belong any religon but i glow up in buddha. so i am kind of buddha.
so please pretend you dont have a religion or atheist or buddha whatever.
thank you so much.