Gainst gun-control as a local government official

This my final paper and I have do the presentation based on what you write for me.This paper is against Gun control and a?in opposition to the Legislationa? (I will upload a gun control reading that you need to read). In the paper, you need to pretend you are a local government official based on the a?hockey rink shootinga? (from the reading). In your position as a local government official, you need to give 3 or 4 strong arguments to against gun control in the US. My ideal arguments are 1. United States is a freedom country; citizens have the right own the firearms for protecting themselves. 2. Even if banning the law of owning firearm, people can still buy guys illegally. 3. a?Legislationa? as following from the reading is not reasonable:
a? A mandatory 14 day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm within the stateas borders,
a? A mandatory minimum of 5 years in prison for anyone convicted under the law (on top of a sentence for any crime they commit),
a? A ban on automatic guns with chambers of more than 10 bullets; and
a? A victim assistance fund funded by the increased licensure fees for gun ownership.
4. Guy control may not lower the crime rate.

Please find good data, reference to support your argument. Thank you so much and hope I can receive a great paper by tomorrow, as the return, I will give bonus for your great work.

Added on 04.12.2014 02:20
This is the reading you need to read