Gainst or disagreeing with Monopoly(ex. AT&T, Microsoft) This is an ARGUMENTATIVE essay. It has to be related towards society

Write a 10001400 words argumentative essay incorporating evidence, appeals, opposing point of view and 2-4 outside sources( no Wikipedia or Blogs). The goal is to present your position on a controversial issue using clear reasoning( avoid unsubstantiated assumptions and logical fallacies) with the idea to have your reader accept, be convinced of, or act on your conclusion.

Possible types of argument:
1. Definition (an argument that clarifies)
2. Causal (an argument that finds reasons behind the cause of and/ or the effects of an existing situation, a warning about a potential situation, or both; effects of a given situation that must be addressed/ changed, accuracy of projected/ alarmist scenarios)
3. Evaluation (an argument that identifies the pros and/ or cons of a situation, issue or policy; analyses and measures the value, the results, the performance, reliability, etc)
4. Rebuttal (argument that responds to another argument/ position)
5. Proposal (analyzes, and recommends needed changes/ modifications, or argues against proposed changes; establishes urgency of a decision; gives a proposed solution

IMPORTANT: Topic is society