Gainst required public service for college students

Professors instructions:

Write a 750-word argument essay based on the following article.

1) In  Serve or Fail, Dave Eggers argues that public service should be required for college students. Write an article for the school s paper arguing for or against required public service at American River College, or college in general.

Have a clear thesis, support your argument with plenty of specific support from your own experience and observations, and address possible opposing opinions/points of resistance.

Do not forget to indicate when you are referring to the articl. If you copy more than three words in a row from the article, you must use quotation marks, indicate that the information is from the article, and cannot change the meaning of the part copied.

The final version of this essay is worth a maximum of 100 points and will be graded based on the following criteria:
” Message is clearly defined; clear thesis  20 points
” Adequate evidence supports the writer s views 25 points
” Refers to the text and incorporates the source correctly and effectively  15 points
” Anticipates reader objections and alternative points of view (rebuttals, concessions)  20 points
” All parts are unified  10 points
” Effective organization, introduction, and conclusion; clear transitions  10 points

One point will be subtracted for each major grammar or spelling mistake.