Gambling on the internet rhetorical analysis essay

Length: 4-6 Pages, not including title and reference pages (1000-1500 words)
Points: 150 total

Assignment Overview:
This essay will be a rhetorical analysis of an article related to the topic you chose for Essay 1. A rhetorical analysis identifies the authoras argument and type of rhetorical appeals the author implements, determines the structure and logic, and discusses factors that add to (or take away from) its overall effectiveness. See the a?Contenta? and a?Criteriaa? sections below and your instructoras direction for further guidance, instruction, and criteria.

The articles below function as gateways into your subject area. Use one of these broad, overview articles to narrow the subject to a particular topic and to locate a more specific article, if different from the one you used for Essay 1:

Your essay will identify the rhetorical appeals utilized in the article, discuss the logic behind them, and assess how successfully the author has used the appeals and underlying logic to make his/her point. You should also identify and discuss the authoras purpose, the audience, background of the topic, the authoras language and style, and how these have contributed to the quality of writing and persuasive effort. You can find more details about writing a rhetorical analysis on pages 270-271 of your textbook, Writing: A Guide for College and Beyond by Lester Faigley.

This writing assignment follows typical essay structure, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Refer to APA the Easy Way and the APA Essentials document located in the Seminars area of the course to cite your article as a source, and to format appropriately your essay and Reference page.

Criteria: You will need to use quotations and paraphrases to support your analysis. However, you should not overuse the source. The focus of the draft should be on evaluation, not on your general feeling about the piece. Rather, you will need to prove concretely your opinion about the effectiveness and quality of the article by referring to the rhetorical appeals and elements you intend to focus on; this defines your purpose of the paper.
a? This is not a paper that says you liked or disliked the article or the issue.
a? Do not use a?Ia? statements in the essay.
a? Integrate appropriate quotations and paraphrases from the article in the drafts and cite them in APA format to support your analysis.
a? The thesis in the introduction paragraph should focus on your perspective on the effectiveness of the authoras writing through the use of rhetorical appeals and elements.