Gated communities and its effects on segregation in California

the research paper is based off the novel The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle, i chose my research topic to be Gated communities and segregation”.

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Vincent Nguyen
Writing 1
Lisa Alvarez
date (May 9, 2012)

i will include a sample of Part 1 of the essay, and my own proposal on the essay topic to give a sense of what i was going to write about.
below are the instructions given by my professor

Writing 1: Essay #4:

The Tortilla Curtain: Fiction and its Relationship to Reality
Part 1: (2-3 paragraphs)
This section will include:
a? an introduction (title and original hook)
a? brief overview of the novel (including introduction of author, identification of context and setting)
a? introduction of your chosen focus (identification of issue or problem)
a? a consideration of the depiction of the social problem/issue that Boyle presents in the novel (with multiple examples, quotations, character(s); scene(s) etc. from throughout the novel.)
a? this section should be clearly identified as Part 1
Choose from among the issues/problems reviewed in class. The issue or problem chosen should be specific, measurable or quantifiable in some way and able to be addressed by public policy.
Part 2: (3-4 paragraphs)
Here you will establish the general facts about your chosen issue. You will begin by defining your issue and then go on to present the results of your research. The paragraphs in this section should show what you have learned about unity and development, beginning with strong topic sentences and closing with thoughtful summary sentences. Each source should be fully introduced and correctly cited. This section should be clearly identified as Part 2.
You will need to use no fewer than five sources and no more than eight to fulfill this part of the assignment. We will discuss research methods and choice of sources in the weeks to come. However, your sources should represent a range including (use at least one source from the four categories listed below):
Popular media
Government agencies
Advocacy groups and organizations
Scholarly sources
Optional categories:
Personal Interview
Orange County source
Research Notes:

This is also where you show off all you have learned about presenting sources: thorough and effective identification of sources (author, context, origin, etc. Establish their credibility!). This is a modest research project. However, I expect you to present recent, credible evidence from a multiplicity of sources. The nature of your research will be determined by the character of the issue you choose. However, nearly every issue should allow you to peruse newspapers and publications (periodicals, magazines, journals, etc.), recently published books, as well as the websites of advocacy organizations and government agencies. Your research should not rely primarily on internet sources although you can and should use internet search engines to discover other sources. Of course, you will cite your sources, using both in-text citations and providing a Works Cited page.

Research caveat: By all means use Google and Wikipedia to begin your research. Do not use Wikipedia as a cited source. It is a valuable if problematic primary source, and is not generally acceptable in academic writing. It should not be referenced in your work or appear on your Works Cited page. It may be important for you to define terms and vocabulary words, historical and biographical references, which are essential to research on this topic. Finally, try to locate experts, Go-toauthorities on the subject. These might be journalists, advocates, scholars or commentators.
Part 3: (2-3 paragraphs)
Based on your reading of the novel, and on your research of the social problem ostensibly raised by its author, build a careful and arguable thesis which explores one way in which Boyle has chosen to portray, introduce, frame or otherwise develop a position on that social problem.
Fiction is, arguably, an interpretation of or response to real life. What in particular has Boyle done in his telling of a story by way of illustrating or communicating a theme or detail you have otherwise learned about in your research? Has he created an accurate portrayal? An idealized one? An incomplete or diminished one? Why? To what effect or purpose?

Begin Part 3 by presenting your thesis a a declaration of what your research suggests about Boyleas portrayal: Is it accurate? Exaggerated? Romanticized? Incomplete? Diminished? In the years since Boyle first published his novel, does your research show that issue or problem has worsened? Improved? Or? You will need to choose and decide. Then move on to explain how and/or why your evidence shows this.
This assertion will act as your thesis, the guiding principle, for the final section of your work. This section will no doubt find you relying upon the novel and your research.
In this final section of your essay, you will also need to define the critical terms, novel and fiction. Definition of these terms will aid you in your discussion. This section should be clearly identified as Part 3.

Works Cited

Your final Works Cited page will list all the sources you have used (including Boyle). It should be perfect.