Ge and its effects on Second Language Acquisition

What I need is an 8 page (without including the cite page) Literature Synthesis specifically based on at least 13 research papers and Scientific Journals not older than 2006. NO magazines or other sources!
Use this outline:
Purpose(To review recent research findings related to how age affects the second language acquisition process mostly for English language learners that are new comers into the US)
Organization of paper
1.Language Acquisition Process
1.1. Universal grammar
1.2 Language acquisition device
2.Critical Period Hypothesis
2.1Second language acquisition process
2.1.1 Phases of second language acquisition
2.1.2 External factors for second language acquisition
3.Attrition in the Process of Second Language Acquisition
3.1 Factors of attrition of L1 and second language acquisition
4. Conclusion
4.1 Considerations of age and second language acquisition recommendations or best practices for teachers of new comers to the United States