Ge discrimination in a project management situation

I have already discussed with my tutor that i will use Age discrimination as my topic within a project management context and using it within number 2 of the syllabus. see below marked x.
Module title: Resource Management (Human and Financial) Module number: BE1024

MSc Project Management

Semester One:
Essay  A Human Resource Management theme of your own choosing within the syllabus But with tutors approval.

Assignment 1: Topic  of your own choosing but within the syllabus of this module and only with the approval of the module tutor.
Carry out a review of the theoretical principles behind the topic and reflecting on your own workplace or life experiences, examine and review the appropriateness of this / these different theory / theories to get the best from a workforce in a Project Management situation.

Learning Outcomes (from the Module Descriptor):

Learning outcomes applied to this section of the syllabus are:

1)Analyse organisational structures, working practices, and management and leadership styles that facilitate personal development and motivation.

2)Examine and assess the influence of culture on the workplace.x

3)Analyse concepts and practices that empower your workforce.

Background information / introduction (& how this assessment fits the overall strategy):

Each essay is intended to develop and assess your skills in research and academic writing and to develop and assess your knowledge of historical and current issues with regard to human resource management in a project context. In this way, it is seen also as one of your  stepping stones towards a full understanding of project management and also your ability as a researcher able to operate at level 7 and also to contribute to your life-long learning capability.

Assignment 1  is a negotiated topic you and me and is intended to allow the you to introduce a topic of their own interest to establish some ownership and responsibility for the learning environment and also to enable them to experience this as a process and so prepare for dissertation activity.

Assignments: 3,000 words, fully referenced including a bibliography.
Typed, 1.5 line spacing, justified page setting out, font size 10 or 11.
Ariel or T ms Roman type face (no art work, please), black print.
see below brief.