Ge discrimination in employment (especially for older people)

Develop an argument and need to show your own opinion
We have encountered numerous social issues throughout the duration of the semester.
Through the assigned readings, our classroom.aConversations and the writing assignments we have embarked upon in-depth investigation into the analysis of the fabrics that comprise a society such as shared culture, identity. Values to name a few. Analyzing American society is especially difficult precisely because of the word a?shared,a? American agree on what it many diverse cultures, values that even Americans do not agree on what it means to be American or how American society should be organizer on a political and social level.

This assignment invites you to locate social issue that interests you it also asks you to become an active participant through examining social media in order to locate relevant problem or controversy relate to moral values and beliefs. To begin this project,aI would like you to peruse the plethora of media sources made available to you in order to locale a social issue that you want to investigate further ,Pick up copy the LA Times, The NEW York Times or newspaper or your choice, Turn on and tune in to NPR, The Peopleas Radio or your favorite news broadcast station .While your procrastinating on other responsibilities surf the wed for news stories that catch your eye and hold your attention Likewise, use your environment as source for promising topics As you search for a worthy subject for this assignment, consider the various ways that the authors within our previous units discovered their points of entry in to pressing questions-at-issue that invite investigation analysis and exploration.
1. Use at least seven sources a five of which must be documented library and (chose publication date from 2008-2012)
2. Sources. Scholarly sources (booki??encyclopedia, or scholarly journal)are most credible. No more than one can be documented (and legitimate) Internet sources Exceptions with MY approval. We will discuss options for the other two sources in class
3. Organize essay (introduction, at least four body paragraphs, and a conclusion).
4. Follow guidelines for quotes and paraphrases.
5. Support your clearly stated thesis with relevant, ample, evidence. All evidence must be analyzed.
6. Correct grammatical and spelling errors.

Organize your evidence under individual body paragraphs Remember one supporting idea per body paragraph.
Long quotations: a?when a quote more than four typed lines of prosea¦set it off from the text by indenting the entire quotation one inch (ten spaces) from the margin. [Keep the right margin unchanged.] Double space the indented quotation, and donat add extra space above or below ita¦a?(Hacker 445). Do not put quotations marks around long quotations. Your essay may have only one long quotation.
Write the Works Cited list. See library handout. Consult A Writeras Reference for more specialized sources.
Proofread and revise the research paper for grammatical, spelling, and format errors.
(please dont use too professional vocabulary )