Geism in the work place of older generation

Topic is Ageism in the work place. (My side is on the older generation)

Collection & Annotation of Sources–30 points

Annotate each source thoroughly. This should include highlighting/ underlining key information AND taking notes in the margins.

Must have a minimum of 5 quality sources for a C; 8 sources for an A.

At least 1 of your sources should be a primary study.

Uses variety of sources to fully develop the argument. Consider the following:

at least 1 source that reveals the context (history, background, definitions of terminology) of your topic

at least 1 source that exposes an opposing argument and evidence (from this source or others) that helps you shoot this argument down

3-7 sources that will serve as evidence to support your thesis

II. Annotated Bibliography–40 points

Include bibliographic citation of 5-8 sources on your topic (use MLA format).

At least 1 of the sources must be a primary study.

Write a paragraph for each source that summarizes the main ideas (thesis, claims, evidence, refutations, etc. or purpose of study, method, participants, results, etc.) and how you might specifically use the article in your argument.

III. Graphic Organizer–30 points

Outline how you plan to develop your argument in your BARP, based on your research.

Thesis is focused and debatable

Claims logically break down and prove thesis

Points logically break down and prove claims

Evidence logically proves points with MLA citation of article author and page number; Ex.: (Jones 45)

Refutation (at end of argument or within a claim) skillfully presents a clear opposing viewpoint and successfully shoots it down

( Also Please do not choose text book evidence more than for one because i will need to read through all of the evidence an understand all of the evidence.)

(Please annotate in color please. that would be awesome.)