Genda Disparities and access to healthy food in the United States

For this assignment, introduce your agenda as it relates to your problem statement/stakeholders form assignment 1. Fully explore your agenda. Why is this the most important perspective to deal with at this time? What separates it from the other possible agendas? What kind of support can be gained from this agenda? What are some of the strategies you would employ? Include a cost/benefit analysis with regard to this agenda. Then use the Kingdon 3 streams model to fully explore your policy issue and agenda.

Agenda setting is essentially an exercise in power and influence. Setting the agenda involves not only getting issues onto an agenda but also being able to determine the way those issues are defined and the solutions that are considered to be suitable. Agenda setting then, generally requires advocates to expand interest in a particular issue or policy.

For this assignment you will make use of Kingdons three streams model to assess the policy process for your chosen policy area. Your essay should be 4 pages in length and include appropriate reference material (concepts, theories, published arguments) to support your discussion.