General art history, provided it is a pictorial image created before 1850

I suggest Jansons History of Art”–then flip through it. When a work strikes you as interesting then that is likely a good subject, provided it is a pictorial image created before 1850. One suggestion might be to take a religious subject and compare two different artists versions from different eras.//
The first part of my essay is an analysis of a work of art/second part will be an analysis second work of art.
These two parts no value judgements, only a totally object description. Then you will compare this
first object with the second. Do not just list their similar and different qualities.
Instead, suggest what those differences or similarities mean and analyze them on some level.
The essay should incorporate your own observations. However, this is a standard research paper, and should
be mostly based on direct sourse. Therefore, any ideas arising from your research must be carefully cited.

Thank you very much.:)