General company analysis in the case of burberry: a consideration of the strategic development

first I need a table of content till 5.5.13

I got some advices from my supervisor as follows
1. introduction
2. company philodophy
3. history (strategic consideration)
4. resources (product range with a marketing mix)
5. strategies applied
6. competitoranalysis (market competitors & their environment)
7. market trends (in apparel industry)
8. competitors (in apparel industry)
9. results with activity opportunities (how can be achieved a competetive advantage? what are the relative strengths? Are the products luxury, seldom, substituteable? how are strategies through company implemented?

I have a lot of research which I can send, some of them I also typed in havard reference style. you will also get more then 2 months time to write the thesis, it just have to be written in an easy undestandable language, but good from the content