General information about Training company  CERT

please I want my essay by answering all these questions

What do we need to focus on?
In your analysis you need to focus on the following points:
1.Whether the company represents a system or not.
2.Using the model diagram showing the input, process, output and outcome
3.What model does the company fit (Open or Closed system). This needs to be explained well (It must not lack depth)
4.Do you think that this system is a subsystem of another bigger system? If yes, what is the other system? [Explain in details]
5. What are the boundaries of the company (systems)? [Explain in details]
6.What is the environment that the system works in? [Explain in details]
7.How does the idea of Input-Process-Output apply to the system?
8.What happens after the  Input-Process-Output cycle is complete (How does the company receives feedback from the environment)? Benefits