Generic relating to the issue of risk and social work.

a?Damned if you do and damned if you donat?a?
Critically evaluate theories of risk, approaches to practice and the role of the local authority social worker in the identification, assessment and management of risk in one of the following areas of practice: Social work with older people Include consideration of the impact of social work practice on service users and carers..

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Generic introduction of risks, construction/definition,what it is risk assessment and risk management,?what does it do? what can it do? theories, legislation, such as fair Access to Services 2011 etc, tensions ,assessment/management, you can use any older people case study,ethical issues and dilemmas to social work practice, critically analysed the issues around risk;historical background,cultural/beliefs, discussion around impact of ageism two approaches to risk in social work practice, the a?safety first approach which centers on a?negative riska, positive risk taking, what are the implication to SW practice.current issues of today risk taking, your own reflective, hcpc code of conduct eligible framework and conclusion