Genetic topic such as biomedical engineering, genetic mutation or diseases

Find a current genetic topic such as biomedical engineering, genetic mutation or diseases. It MUST be from a peer reviewed journal article. Wikipedia and/or Internet blog sites will not be considered. You may use Google scholar to find a peer-reviewed article .
Read the article and write 2 pages (the references pages are not included in the 2 pages, i.e. itas an additional page. Your paper should be double spaced, font size 12 and include the following using your own words, do not copy and paste or plagiarize, I will be able to locate your sources and you will get a zero!
Brief introduction of the topic a 5 pts.
a? Describe how genetics relates to your chosen topic 10 pts.
a? What is being addressed and why is it being addressed? What is the impact of the disease on those affected, i.e., is it limiting them to perform their daily activities, how? 15 pts.
a? Discuss the observations and conclusions from your paper a?
/proper grammar and references 5+5+5 pts15 pts.
a? What is your own opinion about the subject/study a? 5pts