Genetics)The research assignment has three parts.. 300 words

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The research assignment has three parts:

a) A list of references set out according to the Chicago author-date (15th Edition) referencing style

Find and reference at least five texts appropriate for your written assignment set out according to the Chicago author-date referencing style and listed in alphabetical order with hanging indents. At least two of these texts must be scholarly journal articles accessed via a Curtin library online journal database such as Science Direct. All of these texts must be academic texts significant for your study a do not include dictionaries, Wikipedia entries, Google Earth maps, etc. among the texts.

b) A list of the main ideas of three of these texts

Choose any three of these texts. Copy their complete references from your list of references, then under each of the three list the 3 or 4 main ideas of the text in a bulleted list written in complete sentences.

c) A written evaluation of these three texts (at least 300 words)

Consider the three texts as sources for the assignment you will write this semester. Write at least 300 words evaluating the three texts in comparison with each other, considering the quality, content, reliability and relevance of the texts. (You need to write 300 words all together, not 300 words on each text!)

Attach photocopies of your texts to your assignment so that your tutor can view the texts you have used. For long texts, attach only key pages (e.g. the cover pages, contents page, abstract, first few pages of the body).

You will find student samples of this assignment on Blackboard.