Genrder &sexulaity in Traditional chinese literature

After reading these material, I want to ask how woman have the effect on the ancient China if though there are many limit about the behavior of the women. I think this question is meaningful and helpful for people to learn about traditional Chinese literature. Because as we all known, In ancient China womenas position is lower than menas. They live in constraint. However, they still does some important role in the history. I will support some background about womenas social position in the ancient China. And then I will deliver one point that women also can be a good king as men. I will use some content about wu zetian in the books. Furthermore, I will deliver second point that women do have the great effect on the scholarism-which liqingzhao leave us many poem and ci. Some of them are great and famous. At the end I show that women play an important role in the history, sometimes women can save the empire from the danger. Sometimes they may destroy the empire. From my answer, we can learn that women in the ancient like modern women try to get same right as men. And womena position can be equal to menas because they do like men or do better if they get the same treatment. And also we can know the role women play in the history and it helps us learn chinese history. I will use the material-li qingzhao(p201-217), wu zentian(p141-142). Shangguan wanaer(p142-143).
please write about the women effect on the Chinese history. you can wirte about women in the political area, literature area

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please use one out source about one famouse women in the Chinese history, you can still the women as I metioned,but you have to search new article or resource. I put some cititation you can use it as references. later I will put the textbook resoutce as i mentioned

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these picture is the resrouce in mt text book, you hahve to use them. and you can read from 3397 from 3381 it is about shangguan waner and Li qingzhao. 1040 and 1042 is about wu zetian.