Gentrification and displacement of shops

Talk about the gentrification and displacement of shops. do the research and uses 5 sources. Do not be too native but should be academic that do use the wordWe, ones, nowadays,I,people,you/your, others, actually,probably,maybe,like,everyone, whats more,just”
This is my outline and thesis, you can improve it,but do not change the topic.
Topic: gentrification and displacement
First paragraph:
Supermarkets displace the small stores.
(Advantages: more choices of goods, healthy and fresh fruits, cheaper price ,work opportunities, make lives more convenient
Disadvantages: some small stores represent the culture of the place)
Second paragraph:
More restaurants of various food displace the fast food restaurants.
(provide more places for parties, make lives more colorful, give more choices of food, increase the consumption)
Third paragraph:
Starbucks displaces the old coffee shops and snack shops
(advantages: better environments, more work opportunities, convenient.
Disadvantages: culture change, tradition change)
Fourth paragraph:
Thesis statement:
Gentrification changes the pattern of the city and make many displacement which bring advantages and disadvantages and makes peopleas lifestyles become difference.
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