Geographical information system,Grid-cell GIS project

Objectives of the Project
You are required to write a report, based on analysing grid-cell data with the ArcView GIS, in which you identify the best location for an outdoor business (see below).
Data for the project is available for an upland area of North-eastern United States known as Browns Pond. (See the accompanying Web document for a guide to the Browns Pond data.) In completing this assignment, you will be expected to use appropriate GIS techniques introduced in the module, and you should also consult relevant literature where appropriate. You will each be assigned a specific problem. The project report must be the result of your individual work.
The Problems
The individual project problems are described below. For each one, the general requirement is stated first, followed by a list of the geographical criteria and/or characteristics that must be met by your solution.

1. Locating a Beginners Ski School
Find the best location for a ski school catering for young children.
” Not less than 100 acres site area
” West/North/East-facing slopes preferred
” No slopes greater than 12%
” Minimum tree cover
” Minimum altitude of 850ft
” Minimal visual intrusion *
” Access to metalled roads

The Project Report
The project report should be no more than 2000 words in length, and should contain:
” Your solution to the problem. This should be illustrated with suitable maps, together with any supporting tabular information that may be relevant.
” A written justification of your particular solution. Describe any assumptions and definitions you felt it was necessary to make, and explain whether you had to prioritise and/or trade off the locational criteria specified in the problem description. Describe any false trails or sub-optimal solutions you may have explored, and give your reasons for rejecting them.
” Evidence of the approach you took in order to solve the problem. This should include an outline of the procedures used to arrive at your solution, and an indication of any difficulties encountered while using ArcView. Identify any additional information you would have found useful in undertaking the exercise.