Geography & Human Hanitat Research Paper

1. Country: Choose a country in which you have lived, visited, have a strong interest, or have a family/ethnic connection to. Briefly list your choice of country and the reason(s) why you chose it.
2. Introduction: Introduce, in general terms, the main population trends facing your country over the last 50 years (e.g. growth rates, dramatic changes (if any) in fertility rates, major government initiatives affecting population levels in your country, etc).
3. Factors affecting population and change: Outline the range of societal, religious, historical and/or developmental factors that have led to your country s current population levels, and the government s population control policies/programs. Describe your country s likely future population  trajectory . Include a current population pyramid for your country and indicate what this pyramid indicates about your country.
4. Discussion: Choose what you feel are the three most important factors affecting population change in your country over the last 50 years. Using appropriate evidence, convince the reader why these three factors are the most important.
5. Conclusion: based on your preceding discussion, what do you conclude about your country s population, population change and efforts to control such change?
6. Bibliography/References: an alphabetical listing of all cited materials in an appropriate and consistent style (any citation style is acceptable as long as it is consistent).
7. Assignment Checklist: Please sign and attach an  Assignment Checklist (link will be posted on the course webpage)