George orwells 1984: nihilism (and anti-God, postmodern society and self destruction)

The central theme must be nihilism ..however the essay needs to touch upon these themes also a) nihilism (nihilistic prophesy on the downfall of humankind). b) The antiGod theme e.g. Big Brother replacing God and church. c) post modern society d) self destruction vs self-improvement
the essay needs to analyse also the first and last chapter of the book should be analysed.
also 1 page on making a comparison to the film Choke to the compare the theme of nihilism

the essay needs to give at least 6 quotes from the book to illustrate theme of nihilism. minimum one quote each to illustrate post modern society, anti-God and self destruction. Nihilism being the key theme of the quotes; of which 2 each should be from the start and end of the book.

Also, please ensure that at least 12 quotes from the book are given.

please reference all papers /data used