Ggragate at Risk, Teen Pregnancy, Connersville IN, Fayette County

Introduction 3 points, Population at risk/description of the problem(including literature review) 10 points, Relevant Model or theory 10 points, Extent of the problem (biometric data)local-4pts, State-4 pts ,National 4 pts. Policy analysis-12 pts. Services/program description-local 10 pts. State 5 pts., Levels of prevention and the role of the nurseprimary, secondary, and tertiary 4 points each, Summary 3 points, Conclusions 5 points,
Format-Grading on grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation-6points
APA-6 points
Coherence among and between paragraphs, focus, organization6 points

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All the above have to be included in this paper. Its for a Community Health Class