Ggressive Child Behavior in Playgrounds

Hi Sarah,

The particular assignment will take the form of a Research Paper which focuses on  Aggressive Child Behavior in Playgrounds (see Topic). This is also my preferred Title. The total number of words is 5000 (approx. 20 pages if you consider 250 words per page). However, the total Research Paper is separated into three (3) submissions; a) Introduction / Review of Literature & Methods Chapter Completed & Submitted & Questionnaire, b) SPSS statistical analysis, and c) all remaining body of the paper (e.g. arguments, findings, correlations, conclusion, etc.).

The partial deadlines for each submission are listed below:

a) 26th January 2009 Introduction / Review of Literature & Methods Chapter Completed & Submitted & Questionnaire

b) 6th April 2009 SPSS Statistical Analysis

c) 20th May 2009 Remaining body of the paper (e.g. arguments, findings, correlations, conclusion, etc.) PAPER DEADLINE.

I have attached with this email the marking weighting percentages for the whole paper for your reading.

Finally, regarding the payment and submissions method; Sarah, I would prefer Essay Capital withdraws the fees per submission as per the submission dates above and not as one whole lump sum at the end of your work (20th May 2009). Please advise whether this can be achieved. Nonetheless, please note that it is imperative I receive each section at the dates mentioned above. Also, since this will be an ongoing process (January until May), I would prefer that the work be prepared by you alone, for all sections and not three different authors for each section. It is important that the person who writes the introduction (submission a) continues with the rest of the work since you will already be familiar with the topic, the submission dates and the nature of this Research Paper, resulting to a more coherent and accurate piece of paper.

Please inform if all is O.K.
Should you have any problems or queries, please contact Antony Katsanevas at the following contact details., (+30)6948507225, (+30)2106375466 (office hours)

Kind Regards
Elasia Motakis


Marking Sheet


Introduction/Rationale 25%
Broad to narrow framework for rationale; Logical progression of ideas; Links between ideas; Variables defined; Clearly stated hypothesis; Relevant literature used to support arguments; Research question

Method 20%
Research design identified correctly; Variables labeled; Assignment of subjects to conditions; Subject details; Procedure outlined in detail; Apparatus identified; Details of statistical analysis

Results 15%
Organisation of data; Description of data; Details of descriptive results; Details of inferential statistics; Appropriate use of graphs

Discussion 35%
Explanation of data; Structure of discussion; Links with the literature; Study-specific limitations; Recommendations for further study; Conclusion or summary statement linked to hypothesis

Presentation 5%
References cited in the text; Reference list/Bibliography; Legibility; Spelling and grammar