Ggressive child behavior in school playgroundsresults

The particular order and its preparation must be based on and be a continuation of the attached document. This document was previously prepared by Essay Capital and has been slightly edited and improved by me. I have also attached an SPSS format file which contains data gathered and their results. This has been prepared by me and must form part of the essay currently ordered. I have already completed the statistical analysis required and which is included in the above mentioned SPSS file and I have found through this statistical analysis that there are no major differences between the two genders (participants). Taking into account all of the above, I request that you prepare an essay which incorporates all the data submitted to you, develop a discussion upon the subject, and a detailed analyses of the results. I reiterate that this part of the essay must be based on the previous parts which I will shortly upload for you to read, i.e. it must be correlated to the work previously prepared. Please dont be late. I want it in two days.