Ggressive Child Behavior: The Role Of External Factors In Children At Play

Yesterday, May 22nd, I placed an order for the preparation of the Discussion part of my Thesis (Order #443788). This order was assigned to Writer #31041.

Now, the same Writer is asked to prepare an Abstract of the entire Thesis, once the Writer (#31041) has completed the final part of the Thesis (Discussion; Order 443788). Please assign the Abstract to this Writer, fir he/she will be familiar with the Thesis since it was required by him/her to read it for the preparation of the Discussion part.

The Abstract must be completed by Tuesday, May 25th, and no extension will be permitted. I hope this does not pose a problem. The Abstract should only be up to 170 words, which does not require extensive time. My entire Thesis must be ready by Tuesday, May 25th, for I have to present the Thesis in Powerpoint on Thursday, May 27th, which leaves me Wednesday to prepare the presentation.

Also, be informed that no references are required for this task, although the order states 1 reference (there is no choice of  0 ).