Gile Software development (individual Reflection Report )

its individual group reflection report , we have a module called Agile development techniques
we designed a software for Student Attendance Monitoring System we actually finished from it we were working as group of 6 student

the length of the report will be 4 pages the structure for the report will be :

1. Reflection on the overall development experience; this should include(but not
limited to):
a. Good practices used by the team

b. Problems and difficulties that may have affected the development
Process of your project.

c. Suggested improvements to the development process.

2. Reflection on the studentas own contribution and the role(s) they played in the
project. This should also include assessment of the importance of these role(s) in
extreme programming XP

3. Assessment of other membersa roles and involvement in the project effort.

4. From your experience in this project, choose one other agile development
methodology and comment on its suitability for your project instead of XP,
highlighting similarities and differences between the two.

*** conclusion

Further Guides
As a reflection report, this report should provide your own assessment of Agile Software
Development in general and your experience of the Agile project that you have been
involved in within this module. It should be produced individually and includes an element
of research that goes beyond the material given in the lecture notes.
Your assessment of the XP practices should include an element of critical evaluation, in
which you should give rationales to any claim you make; agree or disagree with any of the
practices and principles of XP. Your assessment would be particularly interesting if it is
based on evidence/examples drawn from your project.
Your assessment of the XP roles should focus on the role rather than the person who played
that role.
Your comparison of XP against one other Agile Methodology should be based on material
from the lectures, your experience with your project and your research about agile
methodologies. You need to keep your comparison within the context of your project.
Wherever possible give examples/evidence to support your comparison.