Ging Aircraft Wiring Problems and Solutions

The instructions below are from the course syllabus.

CLASS PAPER: The basic paper is on how you would structure part of an Aviation Safety program for a commercial airline or government agency. The paper is intended to cause you to do some research as well as demonstrate your thinking and writing skills.
The paper will be graded approximately 50% for aviation safety content and 50% for style and grammar. This is a 400-level class and your writing will be graded at the college senior level.

For Aviation Safety Content: You cannot design part of a safety program in a vacuum. So first describe what do you consider the most pressing (one or two) safety problems in aviation today? Your paper should fully describe each problem and why it is a serious safety problem. Then, continue your paper by describing how you would design a safety program element, which will ameliorate these problems from a company point of view. NOTE: This is not a paper about what the Federal Aviation Administration is doing to fix a problem. It is a paper about what an operator must implement at the sub-program and process level.

Style and Grammar: You must use a style guide for your writing. You get to pick which one you want to use (or one may be proscribed for you). Use the style guide to help you organize the context of the paper, not just for properly documenting your source material. Consistent use of a style improves the readability of your paper, and more importantly it helps you to be a better writer. Grammar, punctuation, spelling and word use must all reflect college level work.