Ging in Place for the geriatric population and how Occupational Therapy plays an active role

A 5-6 page research paper, APA FORMAT with a reference page that includes 3 sources, two of which are journal research articles (2 Evidence BASED). The paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should introduce the topic and its importance to the occupational therapy profession; the body should discuss research in your topic of choice; the conclusion will state why this is an important issue in the geriatric population, and implications for future occupational therapy practice.

1. Appropriate use of APA style including cover letter, citations, and reference page, etc.

2. Evidence of at least 3 references, 2 of which are journal research articles. I want the 2 evidence based practice (2 references) from the American Journal of Occupational Therapy. Other references can be the National aging, OT practice, OT Connections, AARP

3. Quality of writing, including grammar, spelling, clarity, length, and organization.

4. Information presented is accurate and informative.

Please feel free to pull in how technology (APPS) can also help the geriatrics age successfully.