Given that we know that God exists ( as the first cause) what is the nature of GOD?

Your essay should answer the question, a?Given that we know that God exists (as the First Cause), what is the nature of God?a?.

You will want to:

1) Begin with a thesis statement. (State your conclusion in the first line of your essay.)

2) Give all the good reasons you have for believing as you do on this question, showing not only the truth of your premises but the logic that causes them to force the conclusion.

3) Remember that this essay serves as an exam, as well as an exercise in creating an argument. You will want to show off everything that you learned in this module.

4) Be sure to define all the technical terms you use (any term that your kid brother doesnt know).

The essay must be at least 1,000 words in length; there is no maximum limit set on length. There are no formatting requirements. There should be no citations necessary, other than to the reading weve done. You may cite by naming the author and the idea you want to discuss. Do not use outside sources. Do not quote me or any of the authors weve read without citation.