Global chalnges and buissnes athics for green kings

Each group will be allocated, by their module tutor, an organisation whose managers and leaders are currently facing a particularly daunting global challenge. The group, acting as a team of consultants, will provide a board room briefing, in the form of a 3-5 minute video, on the nature of the challenge, its implications for the organisation and recommendations.........

The group s task is to:
Analyse the organisation;
Research the challenge and its implications for the organisation;
Develop recommendations

Write and make a video which could be shown to a board of directors to inform them of the importance of this particular challenge and the implications of the challenge for the organisation.

The video should last no less than three minutes but cannot exceed five minutes. Each member of the group will be allocated a particular role and be responsible for that aspect of the video. The roles are:

1. Technician, responsible for directing the video and ensuring the group s message is clearly conveyed to the audience.
2. Researcher, responsible for finding out information about the particular challenge and presenting it to the other members of the group
3. Editor, responsible for editing the information provided by the researchers and transforming it into the script for the video
4. Artist, responsible for the overall impression of the video, the special effects, the  style of the video, ensuring that the time is used to best effect

Although each member of the group has a clearly identified role, these roles will often overlap and the best videos will be the result of team work, where group members share ideas and contribute to the whole team s success rather than just their own part of the task. Each member of the group will receive and individual mark for their performance in their role. The assessment criteria are detailed on the next page. Each video team is also required to make a plan of how they intend to approach the task, what each member intends to do and later record what actually happened.

The organisation is green kings and the global challenge is business ethics u don t have to do the video.
I just need the information in a PowerPoint presentation and handouts to read from.