Global cities Are global cities westernizing/homogenizing culture in cities

How does global cities like new york, london, and paris have effect on cities like Doha, dubai and istanbul
where focus are on:
1. Media outlets please mention the following: aljazeera news channel/ bbd arabia/cnn arabic and others
2. retail how shops and restaurant change to accommodate dubai, doha, and istanbul. mention how macdonals have McArabia sandwich as well as other examples as such.
3. Clothing how clothing have changed. mention Abayas and how they are different now than the past, how western clothing and western clothing brands have affected the way people wear in doha dubai and istanbul mention how paris and milan fashion affect those three cities.
note: use any global city that has an affect but focus on new work and london and doha dubai and istanbul

use articles as a source of this research
make atleast 6-7 of sources peer-reviewed articles
include articles(as a source) that were written by george ritzer stefan krA¤tke david clark (( if applied to topic ))
include article(as a source): chapter 14 global grids of glass by stephan graham

-hypothesis ( there is an affect from global cities on cities like doha dubai and istanbul)
-data collecton

include literature review as well as research

include bibliography