Global images of sociological concepts on war in the middle east

global social problem is war the current one.need to choose 6 sociological concepets from hughes and kroehler text (inside sociology)choice should include combo of concepts that adress micro and macrosociologcal levels. need 1 page intro, 1-2 page on global social problem need scientific sources.anwer what is global social problem,wher in the world is problem be specific to countries.need 6-7 pages of images and sociological concepts.define and describe concept and image should follow concept only 2 images can be discussion will include publication in full standard cit mla.inclide date photo taken in none state unknownif people shown list sex,race. approx age,an social class,what is happening and where taken
analysis: explain why selected image to illustrate concept. need one page conclusion.with statement of what i learned ,how does sociology help us understand global social prblem briefly explain how you have experience a social problem your example can relate to global social problem or social problem that exists in the united states,what do you beleive can be done to solve this social problem