Global society fails to acknowledge the imminent dangers of internet predators, cyber bullying, and personal privacy caused by social networking sites

Must included Thesis Statement on the second page.
a?Develop an appropriate arguable working thesis statement with two to four main points to research. (Must include topics on the topic section above).
a?Create an APA-formatted reference-list citation for each source. Your annotated bibliography must contain at least 10 source entries.
a?Underneath each citation, write an annotation of at least 150 words. This bibliography entry should summarize the source and evaluate the relevance, quality, and credibility of the author and of the information given in each source for your research
a?Each bibliography entry will need at least one in-text citation correctly formatted in APA format and appropriately placed. The annotated bibliography is included in the page/word count

annotation entry, youll need to do four things
Are you meeting the following formatting conventions?
1-inch margins on all sides
Times New Roman, 12-point font
Reference entries should use a hanging indent
Annotations should be indented an extra 1/2 inch
Reference entries and in-text citations must follow APA conventions
Are you meeting the following content requirements?
When creating an annotated bibliography entry, you should first write a brief
summary of the source.
Your annotated bibliography entry should evaluate the credibility of the author:
academic degrees, professional affiliations, years of experience in the field, how
much the author has been cited by other authors, reputation, and bias all
contribute to an authors credibility.
You will also need to evaluate the credibility of the sources content, purpose,
method, currency, and whether or not it was peer reviewed.
Your sources should also support at least one of your main points. Each main
point should have at least two-to-four sources to support it. All of the sources in
your annotated bibliography should help your forge your argument. In your
entries, you should explain how you will use the source in your argument.